US music duo release track to tackle homophobic violence

An upcoming gay singer and DJ have released a song to start a conversation around homophobic violence in nations around the globe. We-Know-Who-We-Are Minneapolis DJ Steven James told Attitude We Know Who We Are was written and recorded in collaboration with Detroit based Quentin Sound as a way of reaching out to LGBT youth living in homophobic countries. “There is nothing wrong with being gay, no matter what locals and their leaders say”, he said. “They’re no different from any other citizen of their country. I feel this is an issue not being addressed enough.” Released on iTunes, Sound said 50% of sales from the track would be donated to LGBT youth organisations Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), Children404 (Russia) and JFlag (Jamaica). A video clip accompanying the track has been published on Youtube, and shows disturbing accounts of homophobic violence across the three countries. “As a homosexual living in Jamaica, you could be killed, stabbed, abused, anything. And when the police shows up on scene and find out you’re a gay man, nothing will really come of it,” says a man at the beginning of the film clip. We at Attitude HQ think the video spreads a very important message. You can listen to the track below.