US church claims Pokemon turned children gay

Pokemon turned children gay during the height of its popularity, according to a  study by the Credo Dollar Ministry. The US mega church, which has a global reach, has claimed that the spin-off TV show of the hugely popular brand features numerous signs of attempting to lure minors toward a homosexual lifestyle. Pokemon "Many Pokemon have a phallic appearance to push teenagers to enjoy this type of shapes," suggested Pastor Creflo Dollar, according to Christ News. "This Pokémon named Charmander, never stops to caress his tail in all his appearances." "The 151st Pokémon Mew is the perfect representation of the alleged third sex," he added. Dollar claims that another major sign of the Nintendo cartoon's alleged gay agenda was the close relationship between main character's Ash and Brock. More stories: Gay men in San Francisco launch 'I'd Bottom for Hillary' campaign Mario Lopez talks Catholic beliefs and same-sex marriage: 'Who am I to judge?'