UKIP: the LGBT Manifesto

This morning, UKIP have unveiled their manifesto for the General Election, and as we are doing with every party, Attitude has made a handy summary of the policies which are specific to the LGBT community. ukip As you can see from our screenshots below, we looked hard, and there were none. gay   LGBT   homophobic Literally, no mention of LGBT-specific issues whatsoever. You can read the manifesto in full here. Here are the LGBT-specific promises from the other parties' election manifestos: Conservatives: The LGBT Manifesto Green Party: The LGBT Manifesto Labour Party: The LGBT Manifesto Liberal Democrats: The LGBT Manifesto Plaid Cymru: The LGBT Manifesto Read our interview with Nigel Farage and a selection of LGBT UKIP candidates as part of the election coverage in our new issue, out now on digital and in print.