UK government pledges to make England to be first nation to eliminate HIV by 2030

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is set to make the pledge at the AIDSfree Cities Global Forum today (January 30)


Words: Steve Brown

The UK government has pledged to make England the first country ever to eliminate HIV.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed today (January 30) he is committed to reach zero HIV transmissions by 2030 by improving treatment, detection and prevention.

In a statement obtained by the Daily Mail – which is set to be read by Hancock at the AIDSfree Cities Global Forum in London – reads: “My generation grew up knowing Aids was a potential death sentence.

“That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, public health campaigns, breaking down stigma and better education, Aids is no longer a death sentence here.

“I feel that Britain has made such progress. But when I think about what’s going on elsewhere, I feel anger that our progress is not yet reflected around the world.

“So today, we’re setting a new goal: eradicating HIV transmission in England by 2030, no new infections within the next decade, becoming one of the first countries to reach the UN zero infections target by 2030.”

Over the last two years, the UK has seen new HIV diagnoses drop by 28 per cent.

Despite Hancock’s pledge, the news comes after NHS England delayed doubling the number of places of the PrEP trial.