UK government announce plans for raft of transgender rights reforms

To say the least, transgender people never really had it easy. But the many who have fought for equality can feel better about the prospects of the next generation now the British government has announced a series of drastic changes that might radically reduce the discrimination transgender individuals encounter on an everyday basis. According to BuzzFeed, Women and Equalities minister Nicky Morgan has finally addressed the numerous recommendations made by her department's House of Commons committee earlier this year. Some of the main proposals are listed below:
  • Being transgender will no longer be considered as a mental illness by the National Health Service (NHS) or any other public body.
  • NHS staff in gender identity services will receive more and better training in order to facilitate better assistance to transgender people.
  • The government will intervene in the country universities to tackle transphobic bullying in higher education.
  • A full review of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.
  • Reviews will be undertaken to reduce the number of unnecessary demands for gender information on official documents.
Morgan said: "I am confident that the initiatives set out here will help make this a reality and improve the lives of transgender people – but this is just the start and we still have much to learn. "I look forward to working further with transgender people and others to continue driving progress towards a society which is truly equal; where everyone is free to be themselves." Read the Government Response to the Women and Equalities Committee Report on Trangender Equality here. Words: Salomé Baudino