Two US servicemen attacked in a nightclub because they were acting 'too gay'

One of the men posted images of the attack on social media


Two US servicemen were violently attacked in a nightclub because they were acting ‘too gay’.

Ny’Zavian Dozier and Keith D Rowe were enjoying a short trip in Croatia and were out in a club last weekend when a group of around eight to 10 men started attacking them because they were reportedly acting ‘too gay’.

The Voice of Croatia reports that the two men were attacked because of acting ‘too gay’ and ‘twerking’.

Following the attack, Dozier posted images of their non-life threatening injuries on Facebook and wrote: “Literally experienced one of the most scariest moments ever last night.

“A group of 8-10 Croatian men targeted my friend and I in a night club.

“These guys had every intention of not letting us walk away alive. I have never felt so defenseless in my entire life.

“I truly couldn’t protect my friend! A trip that started so beautiful ended in such a horrible way but I’m grateful that my friend and I are alive!

“Few bumps and bruises but we’ll be ok! Thank you to everyone who has checked in. We’re finally back home!”