Two straight men are planning to marry to avoid inheritance tax

We're not quite sure this is why we fought for marriage equality, guys


Two straight men in Ireland have revealed that they are planning to marry to avoid being taxed.

Neighbours Matt, 85 and Michael, have been friends for almost 30 years, and Matt wants his house to go to his pal when he passes away.

Michael has been a carer for his friend for years, and because he was "prepared to look after" Matt into his old age, the 85-year-old thought his house would be the perfect way to say thank you for his dedication.

“He’s been part of my life and when I die whatever I have in my home – no problems – he can have it,” said Matt.

Michael continued: “I love Matt… but not in a sexual way. He’s one of the nicest people that anyone will ever meet in your life.”

However, they came across an issue with their plan that left them stumped until the idea of marriage came to them both.

In Ireland, if you're not married, then you face an inheritance tax bill of 33 percent, which Michael claims would make the property "a burden".

Those who have tied the knot, gay or straight, can avoid the costly tax entirely.

When questioned whether he will tell women that he dates about their marriage, he said: “Probably so, of course I have to tell her!”