Two same-sex couples and a straight couple welcome in Taiwan's same-sex marriage law with joint wedding

The ceremony was organised by social media stars and saw LGBTQ activists attend


Words: Steve Brown

Last week, Taiwan became the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage and the day after, two same-sex couples and one heterosexual couple celebrated the best way possible – a joint wedding.

The ceremony was organised by social media stars in support of the new same-sex marriage law – which is set to come into effect by May 24 – and saw leading LGBTQ activists attend.

Veteran LGBTQ rights activists Chi Chia-wei and coordinator of Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan Jennifer Lu both attended.

Although the ceremony was dubbed a wedding, the same-sex couples will have to register their marriage with the government after the president of Taiwan signs the new legislation.

The Taipei Times reported that all three couples had said their parents and family were against their relationships, but they never gave up communicating with them.

Watch the ceremony below: