Two men filmed ripping down Pride flags from Scottish shopping centre

The flags were found burnt and discarded


Words: Steve Brown

Two men were filmed ripping down Pride flags in a shopping centre in Scotland before burning them.

CCTV images show two men inside the Olympia Shopping Arcade in Kirkcaldy as they rip down rainbow flags – which had been put up hours before to show support for the LGBTQ community.

One of the men is seen using a crutch to help his friend grab the flags before they dump them on the ground.

One of the banners was then pictured on social media burnt and left.

The video was posted to the shopping centre’s Facebook page with the caption: “So here we are trying to brighten up the arcade as it’s pride month!

“We put up five pride flags and today during broad daylight some people took exception to our flags and not only took them down but burned them too!

“It's pathetic! It's our arcade, we pay our rent, we look after our businesses and we help each other out so if we want to put flags up, that's our business to!

“Don't damage people's private property when you are on CCTV! We don't deserve this. More flags will go up and we will battle through!

“So the police are being contacted with not only the details, but obviously the video too.”

Since the vandalism, the vandals were identified and the matter was reportedly being dealt with.