Two gay vultures become adoptive dads after successfully hatching abandoned egg

Two gay vultures have become fathers for the first time. The happy birds live in Amsterdam zoo, and have been same-sex partners for several years now according to keepers. After workers discovered an abandoned egg on the floor in an enclosure, they decided to place it inside the enclosure of the two birds to see what would happen. The vultures quickly began taking turns to sit on the egg and keep it warm, and earlier this week it successfully hatched. Now they've been raising it by keeping up with their regular feeding duties, and everything appears to be going well for the family. TOO CUTE. Earlier this year, a polar bear died of a "broken heart" after they were taken away from their same-sex partner. Szenja, 21, and Snowflake, 22, had been inseparable while living together in the same enclosure for over 20 years at San Diego’s SeaWorld Wild Arctic exhibit. Shortly after they were tragically torn apart, Szenja began displaying signs of depression, quickly lost her appetite and started exhibiting avoidance behaviour.