Turkey fines TV channel for airing Pink music video featuring gay dancers

Turkish channel AS TV was fined for airing the music video which featured dancing of a "homosexual nature".


Turkey has fined a television channel for airing a music video by Pink which features gay dancers. 

Pink released a music video for 'Secrets' back in July and the video quickly made headlines for featuring same-sex couples dancing and kissing. 

According to Reuters, the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) fined television channel AS TV this week for airing the video because it featured "erotic dance figures of a homosexual nature".

RTUK deemed the video inappropriate and ruled that the video had aired during hours when children and young people could watch and be "negatively influenced". 


AS TV was fined ₺17,000 (Around £2,100) for airing the music video. Though Pink hasn't yet commented on the fine, many LGBT activists and Pink fans have criticised the decision.

The news comes after Turkey announced last month that they would never air or return to the Eurovision Song Contest due to LGBT contestants.  

Despite homosexuality being legal in Turkey, it isn't widely accepted and Istanbul Pride marches have been repeatedly banned over the years.

Watch the music video below: