Troye Sivan's party is crashed by James Corden on The Late Late Show

James Corden plays an angry neighbour in a new sketch which shows him complaining about the noise at Troye Sivan's party. The hilarious sketch was made for Corden's popular U.S. talk show The Late Late Show, where he regularly jokes and sings with musical guests. The sketch begins with scenes from Sivan's 'Youth' video, before Corden is seen knocking at the door in a red dressing gown. Sivan then answers the door in the same silver jacket from the video, before Corden introduces himself. "Sorry, I live next door and I have a wife and two young children," he explains. "I was just wondering if you'd be able to turn the music down just a little bit?" CORDEN The 20-year-old Aussie pop star then mistakenly recognises Corden as the actor Kevin James, saying, "You were amazing in Paul Blart: Mall Cop." Eventually, after a long rant about how he appreciates music, and used to DJ, Corden is silenced when Sivan says: "No problem Grandpa." The video for 'Youth' sees Sivan kissing another boy, which he hopes will inspire young LGBT people to be themselves, having previously admitted that seeing gay kisses on TV when he was younger, was life changing. Sivan clearly relished his first appearance on Corden's hit show, sharing a behind-the-scenes pic of the former Gavin an Stacey star doing his nails in preparation of the appearance.

Here's a glam pic of James Corden doing my nails bc IM GONNA BE ON THE @latelateshow tonight!! Please watch

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