Troye Sivan teases Sam Smith flirted with him before they became 'just friends'

Looks like Sam Smith and Troye Sivan have some history


Troye Sivan has revealed that Sam Smith flirted with him once, before they became just friends. 

The 'My My My' singer made an appearance on Box Plus and revealed that he and Sam had flirted "a long time ago". 

Sivan, 22, was given different scenarios by the show's hosts and was asked to name the celebrity that was involved. 

When asked which celebrity had flirted with him, Sivan hesitated before saying: "I was about to say something I don't know if I should say." 

The show's hosts then called on Sivan to say the celebrity's name, and he revealed it was British singer Sam Smith. 

"Sam Smith," he answered, before quickly adding: "For one second and it was so long ago and I was like 'Oh, let's just hang out,' and then I think it was all good." 

When asked if he and Smith are "now friends", Sivan explained that they're "totally friends".

He added: "But in the beginning it was a bit like, 'Huh, what's this?'" 

One of the hosts then pointed out that the two men have since both found boyfriends. Sivan is currently dating model Jacob Bixenman while Sam Smith recently went public with his relationship with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn

During the segment, Sivan also revealed that he had shared a jacuzzi with Zoella "at some point," and teased that the most famous celebrity currently in his phone is Ariana Grande. 

Watch the interview below: