Troye Sivan hits back at body-shamers comparing him to a 'skeleton'

"Lemme know when you guys learn that it’s weird to talk about someone else’s body."


Words: Will Stroude

Troye Sivan hit back at body-shamers on social media over the weekened after a post mocking his physique went viral online.

The 'Bloom' singer, 23, took to Twitter on Saturday (27 October) after a tweet branding him a "skeleton" was reshared on Tumblr, where it attracted over 60,000 notes.

In response to a separate post branding Sivan a "muscle-daddy", the since-deleted tweet quoted a character from 2001 horror parody Scary Movie 2, saying: "This is a skeleton. This is bones."

After seeing the post on Tumblr, Troye took to Twitter to remind people that "it’s weird to talk about someone else’s body".

"Seen this shit on tumblr w like 60k notes", Sivan wrote.

"Lemme know when you guys learn that it’s weird to talk about someone else’s body/learn to love my body as much as i do."

Troye who recently teamed up with Charli XCX on her nostaglic new single '1999', added that he wasn't upset by the comments but had been "hearing stuff like that" his "whole life."

"If i seem pressed i swear I’m not bc i really do love my body and i have been hearing stuff like that my whole life but i DO want the retweets so i replied," he wrote.

Fans rushed to the singer's defence, praising the young pop star for taking a stand against body-shaming behaviour.

"it’s awful that people just haven’t learned that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it", wrote one fan. 

Another added: "Don't shame anyone by their size or shape. Be your body thin, curvy, chubby, muscular, typical or atypical of society's standards, it is beautiful.

"Everyone is beautiful. Everyone's bodies are beautiful."