Troye Sivan comes face to face with his crush Cel Spellman on BBC Radio 1

Something happened on national radio last week. Something that we're very happy about. Aussie pop star Troye Sivan caught up with former CBBC presenter and Cucumber star Cel Spellman on his BBC Radio 1 show, and we're officially shipping the pair of them. Troye and Cel met at the Teen Awards earlier this year, and back in April the Youth singer admitted to Scott Mills that he had a little bit of a crush on his fellow Radio 1 DJ - well, not little, actually. "I have a huge crush on Cel Spellman", he said at the time. "I don't know what it is about him but My hands are sweating just thinking about him. And I'm seeing him later today. When I saw it in my calendar earlier, I thought 'Ooh, Cel'." Naturally, our hopes were high when that meeting was finally broadcast, and whether they were talking about Troye's luscious locks, or the singer was pretending to like 20-year-old Cel's beloved football team Manchester City - "If it's going to make you happy" - these two might just be our new favourite bromance. As the pair continued to discuss Manchester, where Troye had recently been for a show, and the 20-year-old certainly seemed impressed with the locals: "I was like 'why is everyone so good looking here, then I realised it was because everyone dresses really really well," he said. Cel's response? "The Northerners have got style I must say, but you’d fit right in Troye". p0339fl2 As the interview concluded, the boys play a game of 'Talk Me Up' - a play on Troye’s new single 'Talk Me Down'. A tennis-style game where you have to throw compliments at one another until one person runs out, if this wasn't a reason for the two to let their true feelings known, we don't know what is. Read what the boys had to say below: Troye:  "I’m really proud of you, I feel you are doing really really well at what you are doing, you seem very comfortable doing this show." Cel: "Troye, I am very proud of you, not only are you an amazing song writer, performer, popstar, you are branching out into the world of presenting which was quite evident at the Teen Awards, and you tried to take over the chart show and also now here. I think you're great. Troye: "I really like your rings that you’re wearing on your fingers, they are very big and chunky, and I appreciate that." Cel: "Troye, I couldn’t help but admire your nail polish, not only does it match the denim jacket, which is also great, that was a little side compliment there everybody, I think it really compliments your eyes by bringing out the blue, great choice." Troye: "I’m a fan of your haircut, it’s framing your face in a good way." Cel: "It’s funny that you mention hair Troye, because as you walked in the studio, I couldn’t help but admire them luscious curls draping down the forehead and now I’ve been given a glimpse of what’s beneath there, also it just adds great shape to your face." Troye: "Alright, I’ll take that. Your nose is good shape too, you know very chiselled, it’s got a good arch, no bumps in it." Cel: "One thing I’ve noticed Troye is that lovely smile of yours, not only does it bring out them cheek bones, but there’s this thing around the cheek bones that adds great shape to your smile and I might even go as far as saying - and this is a big statement - it’s one of the finest smiles I’ve seen." With the compliments rolling in, someone had to win, and it was Troye who went for the big one: "I gushed about you on National Radio..." So what have we learnt from this interview about Troye and Cel? Well, they definitely have plenty to say about each other... Listen to the full interview here (1:24:00 - 1:54:00) Words: James Jefferson More stories: Colin Farrell turns 40: The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star’s hottest ever moments Gus Kenworthy says he’s fallen ‘head over heels’ for boyfriend Matthew Wilkas