Tough Mudder unveils the best 5K for you and your mates to undertake

Upgrade your 5K experience with Tough Mudder’s new obstacles and course. Your weekends will never be the same



Tough Mudder Inc., the leading sports, active lifestyle and media brand, has excitingly announced that the Tough Mudder 5K series is now coming to all Tough Mudder locations. For the first time on the shorter course, it’s going to get seriously muddy.

Tough Mudder 5K will be available in city venues for its Urban mud-free series and at all existing venues in its original muddy form that Tough Mudder is renowned for.

With a host of brand-new obstacles and returning fan favourites, Tough Mudder’s 2019 5K series is set to be a whole lot of fun and will make you want to take back your weekend.

Forget Saturday Spin and the same old boozy brunch, say hello to mud baths with your friends and celebratory pints at Mudder Village, once your cross the finish line.

The 5K events are designed to encourage fun, teamwork and camaraderie, allowing Mudders of all abilities even more ways to slip, slide and scale their way around the course.

Tough Mudder is not a race, there is no timing and the fact that teamwork is essential means that very little training is required to complete a Tough Mudder 5K – making it a perfect first step in your fitness journey.

The new Tough Mudder 5K at existing venues will showcase a selection of the brand new 2019 obstacles including Mudderhorn and Texas Hold ’em.

Mudderhorn is the tallest obstacle to appear on a course to date, standing at a staggering 25 feet tall. This climb will test Mudders’ teamwork as they take on the challenge with their friends and clamber up the cargo net to the top.

Texas Hold ‘em demands teamwork and cooperation. To conquer this see-sawing triangular platform you’ll need to choose a Mudder teammate who can hold your hand and have your back. Trust them to bear your weight, engage your core and shimmy your way to success.

Additionally, obstacles for the muddy 5K include: Kiss of Mud, Hydrophobia, Mud Mile, The Block News Monster, Everest and Pyramid Scheme.

Tough Mudder 5K - Urban will include three more obstacles than last year, with a different set of obstacles to its muddy cousin as the Urban events are mud free.

Texas Hold’em will be the headliner this year, alongside some of the most popular obstacles such as Everest, Pyramid Scheme and Giant A-hole.

Waiting for Mudder fans after 5 kilometres worth of awesome obstacles is bunch of street food, craft beer and party vibes within the Mudder Village events, which the spectating public can also enjoy.

Will Dean, Tough Mudder, Inc. CEO and Co-Founder says: “We are look forward to welcoming thousands of new and returning participants to Mudder Nation in 2019 to take on our exciting new obstacle menu.

"As a global tribe, Tough Mudder is committed to connecting people from all walks of life and encouraging them to work together to overcome our best-in-class obstacles.

"And now, with Tough Mudder 5K coming to every venue around the UK, we are looking forward to welcoming even more Brits into Mudder Nation.”

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