Tom Daley plays 'Guess the Abs' with Tyler Oakley, reveals his thoughts on body hair

Tom Daley was recently treated to an absolute deluge of abs during an appearance on the Tyler Oakley Show. The 22-year-old Olympian was surprisingly quick to recognise Justin Bieber's and Michael Phelps' midriffs, but when The Today Show host Matt Lauer's bod popped up, Daley revealed that he was not about the love rug. He commented, "He could do with a wax or a shave or something,” before Tyler asked him if he was into body hair. To which Tom replied with a firm "no." Check out the video below: More stories: The naked boys of the Coitus 2017 calendar will change your life – PICS Nico Totorella recalls first sexual encounter with another man as he confirm he’s bisexual