Tom Daley jokes about plans to start a family with Dustin Lance Black: 'We do keep trying'

The Oscar winner hopes to start a family with the Olympic diver


Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have teased that they're keen to start a family.

Appearing on the new Attitude Heroes podcast – available to listen to and download now – Tom says that he and Dustin are putting serious thought into how they're planning to go about starting to raise a child together, and hints that it could be sooner than people think.

"I mean we always try, we do keep trying. But Lance doesn't seem to get pregnant...." jokes the Olympic diver.

He continues: "Family is something we feel very strongly about. As a gay couple it is one of the most difficult things to have a child and there's so many different ways you can go about it.

"It's a long, expensive process. We've done research into loads of different ideas, through adoption or through surrogacy and all that kind of stuff. Well actually the laws in the UK don't actually permit commercial surrogacy..."

Dustin then shares his confusion over the difference between surrogacy laws in the UK compared to the US, where paying a surrogate to carry a child is entirely legal.

He adds: "That was a bit of shock to me. That in a place like this, that seems so progressive and so far ahead still to the United states on things like employment, housing, security and marriage. But on surrogacy, it's not available in the same way."

Listen to Tom and Dustin's full interview in the new Attitude Heroes podcast – available to download free from iTunes or other podcast platforms now.

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