Tom Daley gives Ellen's producer 'Average Andy' a diving lesson - WATCH

Ellen DeGeneres has a penchant for sending her long-suffering executive producer, Andy Lassner, to take on near-impossible, and/or terrifying feats for little more than her own entertainment. From wrestling, to juggling, to being scared witless, poor Andy is Ellen's crash test dummy for whatever "do not try this at home" stunt she can think of In this week's Average Andy segment, Ellen sends him to learn how to dive like an Olympian. Luckily for him, he had British Olympic diver Tom Daley on hand to show him the ropes. As they begin their pool-side training, Daley (naturally) strips down to a tiny speedo, leaving Andy wondering, "What are you keeping in there?" Andy, it's the question we've all been asking for four years now. The pair try increasingly higher dives, before relaxing in a jacuzzi after a long session which leaves Andy "sore and tired". Watch the video below: More stories: Ex-Team GB star Matt Lister shows why hairy is hot in stunning new shoot This first look at Dustin Lance Black’s LGBT drama series ‘When We Rise’ will give you goosebumps