Tom Daley doesn't want his son to be a diver

The Olympian admitted he would be happy whatever career his son wanted to do


Tom Daley doesn’t want his son to be a diver.

The Olympic diver is expecting his first child with his husband Dustin Lance Black this year and in a recent ‘Ask TD’ YouTube video, Daley was asked if he would try and get his son into diving and although he has made a name out his career, he admitted he would be happy whatever career his son decides to pursue.

He said: “Come on, diving is brutal. Sport in general is brutal.

“The day-in, day-out of working hard and training hard. It’s a lot. But whatever he wants to do. He might want to play the trumpet or something, which would be cool. Whatever he wants to do we will support him.”

During the video, Daley also spoke about what he loves most about his screenwriter husband.

He said: “One thing I do love about Lance is that if he has an idea, no matter how crazy or wild, he does it.

“Whether that be to create and build shelves, whether that be to go and get paint and paint a living room, whether that be going to the garden centre and buying enough soil and plants to fill the whole roof.

“He’s crazy.”

Black then interrupts and said: “Whether that be flying across a country and ocean to date you and marry you. That would be crazy!”

Daley also revealed that they have finished the nursery for the arrival of their son.

Watch the video below: