TJ Perenara backs LGBT community after Israel Folau's homophobic comments

The All Blacks star took to Twitter to oppose Folau's opinion on LGBT community


TJ Perenara has taken to Twitter to say he is "100% against" Israel Folau's homophobic comments.

The Wallabies player - who is Australia's highest paid rugby player - caused controversary after saying all gay people will go to "HELL... Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God".

But now the All Blacks and Hurricanes scrum-half has joined the discussion and said he is doesn't agree with Folau's comments saying "whether we like it or not, we are role models".

In a series of tweets, Perenara wrote: "I'd like to add my voice to the conversation currently taking place.

"As professional rugby players, whether we like it or not, we are role models for a lot of young people.

"Notably, young Maori and Pasifika people.

"You don't need to look far to know that young Maori/PI are overrepresented in youth suicide statistics and, as I understand it, even more so when you look to those who are part of the Rainbow community.

"Comments that cause further harm cannot be tolerated.

"Let it go on record that I am 100% against the comments that were made by Israel. It was not ok to say that.

 "It's not an attitude I want to see in the game I love. There is no justification for such harmful comments. 

"To anyone, young Māori/Pasifika people especially, who may be struggling with their identity - please know that it is ok to be you.

"You are perfect as you are. Do not let these comments keep you from being yourself. Polynesia has been sexually diverse since forever. [sic]"