Tia Kofi shares her most-played tracks with Spotify Wrapped: 'I'm stunned'

The Drag Race UK alumna reflects on the artists, tracks and genres that soundtracked her 2021.


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‘Tis the season - for Spotify Wrapped, that is. And to celebrate, Drag Race UK’s Tia Kofi has shared her Wrapped playlist exclusively with Attitude.

Clocking up 44,000 minutes of listening time (which comes in at just over 30 days!), this queen - who’s also an artist in her own right - has been playing some true bangers, as well some tunes we wouldn’t have expected...

Sitting down to chat through some of her listening habits from 2021 with Attitude, Tia says she’s "stunned" that neither Dua Lipa nor Little Mix has made it into her top five artists. We know, babes!

Among the top songs in her Wrapped 2021 are: Little Mix’s 'No' ("They are icons") and 'BED' by Raye, who Tia describes as "gorgeous, stunning, love the little curly girl moment and where better to listen to the song than when you’re in bed? Really gets you in the mood. Saucy." Indeed!

There’s also 'Bitch on Heels' by fellow Drag Race UK alumna The Vivienne as well as 'Don’t Lose Your Head' from Six: The Musical, which comes as no surprise given Tia’s infamy as a "massive musical theatre fan".

She also says she would absolutely choose 'Don’t Lose Your Head' as the musical theatre song to lip-sync for her life to. We doubt many could challenge her in that showdown...

An unexpected fave for Tia is the 'Volturi Waltz' from The Twilight Saga: Full Moon soundtrack, but as the self-professed "glamorous geek of drag" it’s right up Tia’s street.

The girl also loves some drama, which explains inclusions like the soundtrack to the video game Fable Legends: The Rosewood. Tia’s tip: if you want to amp up simple at-home tasks like making a cuppa, a video game soundtrack "[will] make everything feel heightened, dramatic and a bit over the top."

Biffy Clyro is unexpectedly one of Tia’s top artists - something which carries a lot of nostalgia for her teenage years at school.

"Me and a couple of my friends were absolutely obsessed, listening to 'Many of Horror' on repeat all the time. Shout out to Nitya, love you. We used to listen to it all the time, and apparently, I still do, which is gorgeous. It’s taken me back to my teenage years."

She adds: "We’d just, sort of, walk around at break time singing a bit of Biffy sharing headphones on a Discman. Now, just going to give you a little context, a Discman was what existed before Spotify, and you used to have to put an actual CD in a player and play it. Now, you can just play it on your phones. That’s convenience, that’s luxury, that’s privilege. Thanks, Spotify."

"Another one of my top artists is Ben Platt. Now, if we haven’t established it yet, I love a bit of musical theatre and Ben Platt has one of the most gorgeous musical theatre voices I’ve ever heard."

But Tia is "stunned" not to see artists such as Dua Lipa and Little Mix in her top five artists. "Honestly, Little Mix, please forgive me. I know that I’ve let myself down, I’ve let you down, I’ve, honestly, let the whole of society down by not having you in my top five."

The Drag Race UK royalty was further stunned to find no S Club Juniors/S Club 8 included at all saying, “All I listen to in my spare time is 'Sundown' by S Club 8. I promise you it’s an absolute bop.” We’re equally shocked!

July Jones is an artist Tia thinks we should all be keeping an eye on. "[She] serves it all the time on stage. So much energy, so much life, and representing your Balkan culture. We love to see it."

Lil Nas X gets Tia’s vote for favourite LGBTQ artist of the year arguing "they’ve literally taken over the universe”, as well as choosing her friend Billy Cullum for “serving the bops this year and some iconic music videos, as well."

Asked about her favourite songs by drag queens, Tia jokes that her own are the best but also finds it hard to choose between the likes of The Vivienne, Priyanka from Canada’s Drag Race series 1, and of course RuPaul herself who Tia says has some of the "the most iconic drag songs of all time". 'Get To You' from RuPaul’s Christmas album is one pick Tia will go for, however. "Niche" she says. We love it!

Listen to Tia Kofi's Wrapped playlist on Spotify and below. Find out which artists, tracks and genres defined your 2021 and get your Spotify Wrapped now.