Three trans women viciously attacked, robbed and ridiculed by group of men on streets of LA

The harrowing incident was recorded and live-streamed by the assailants.


Warning: The following article contains footage of violence against trans people which some may find upsetting.

Police have launched an investigation after three trans women were viciously attacked, robbed and ridiculed by a large group of men on the streets of Los Angeles.

The incident, which took place on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday (17 August at about 2:15am, was recorded and live-streamed by the attackers, who filmed themselves laughing as one of the women lay injured on the road after being beaten.

Victim Eden Estrada, an Instagram influencer, shared the men's own footage on Instagram as she recounted the attack on herself and friends and fellow influencers Jaslene White Rose and Joslyn Flawless.

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Last night my friends were targeted, attacked and robbed by a group of men .This is the reality of how trans women of color are treated. This footage was recorded by the men on one of their lives and posted for their entertainment. These men humiliated them, robbed them, threw scooters at one of them ,knocked one of them unconscious and busted her head open, one pulled a knife on one of them and threatened to kill her. This is not okay and will not be tolerated. If you know any information about their names please share it below or dm @edenthedoll , we need to get these men arrested ! . (These Clips are just a small portion of the last moments of what happened but their is more footage/ proof in my story linked) #translivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

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Estrada says the women were waiting for an Uber when a man who had earlier been hassling them apprched them and stole one of their phones.

The women tried to retrieve the phone, sparked a sustained and brutal barrage of physical violence and public ridicule, which was ignored by passers-by. 

"The man had approached me with a crowbar and he's like 'Give me your shoes, give me your bracelet," Flawless told ABC News.

"He literally grabs my hand and pulls me. He's like 'We're going to find your friends because I'm going to beat y'all up,'" she added.

The suspect later assaulted Jaslene White Rose with a "bottle and knocked her to the ground," according to LAPD.

"I just collapsed to the floor," Rose said.

"There were men saying 'Oh, she's dead,' laughing at me."

The main suspect is described as 25 years old, Black, six-foot tall and 180 pounds in wieght. He was last seen wearing a black tank top and black shorts.

Police have asked anyone with information about the attack to contact the LAPD's Hollywood station at (213) 972-2934.