Three men arrested in connection to brutal homophobic attack in Washington

The couple were targeted by a group of men who hurled homophobic abuse at them


Words: Steve Brown

Three men have been arrested in connection to a brutal homophobic attack in Washington DC.

Karl Craven and his boyfriend, Branden, were walking between bars in Washington when they stopped to talk for a moment, according to a GoFundMe page.

A group of men started to hurl homophobic abuse towards the couple and shouted 'f****t' before starting to throw punches at them.

Craven wrote: "He was leaning against me and a few guys started yelling 'f****t' at him and starting to swing at him.

"It was all a quick blur but next thing you know there was literally a mob of 15 guys beating him.

"They came out of nowhere and I was powerless to stop them, all I could do was jump on him to try protect him and scream help.

"I don't rememeber how long they kept beating him for. They stole his phone and my wallet. They chipped a major part of his front tooth and he hda to get multiple stitches on his lip."

Now, Washington DC's Metropolitan Police have confirmed they have arrested three men in connection with the attack.

Marcus Britt, 19, was charged - alongside two juvenile males - with robbery by force and violence.

The GoFundMe page was set up to help pay for medical bills.