Thousands attend Brighton Pride parade

A whopping 400,000 attended Brighton Pride yesterday (August 4).


A whopping 400,000 people attended the annual Brighton Pride parade yesterday (August 5).

The parade featured activists, floats, campaign groups and the entire day culminated in a record-breaking performance by Britney Spears in Preston Park. 

Meanwhile, the parade, which began at Hove Lawns at 11 am and travelled through the city centre, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the rainbow flag with the theme 'Colour My World'. The colours of the rainbow flag were seen throughout the city. 

An empty open-top bus made an appearance during the parade, highlighting that not one of the top 500 Premier League football players are out. 

The police also joined in by wearing rainbow coloured uniforms and decorating their cars with a Pride theme. 

Meanwhile, Lewis Bailey, a 14-year-old who was banned from performing in drag at his school's talent show, was in attendance. Lewis, who is set to perform at DragWorld UK, was invited to perform alongside drag queen Martha d'Arthur on the cabaret stage in Preston Park. 

Sadly, the night came to an end in disruption. Huge crowds were pictured outside Brighton train station after it was forced to close due to overcrowding. According to reports, thousands of Pride-goers were left stranded overnight in Brighton after the train services came to an end.