This new toy ad is helping to smash gender stereotypes - with a little help from Beyoncé

Remember the days when toy soldiers were for boys and princess dolls were for girls? When it was a choice between pretending you just loved playing with cars in school, while secretly pining to play with the Polly Pocket in the class toy chest? Luckily the days of needlessly gendered toys seems to be numbered, with a number of companies no longer catagorising them as "for boys" or "for girls", and now, UK toy company Smyths is helping to show kids that they can play with whatever they want, and they're using a well-known Beyonce song to help get the message across. I Am Sasha Fierce smash 'If I Were A Boy' has been rewritten as 'If I Were A Toy' for the brand new video, which shows a little boy imagining all the things he would do if he was a toy for the day. As well as blasting into space and riding a motorcyle, the boy's mind leaps to being queen for the day. In the video, he is a little shocked at where his mind has taken him - but he quickly warms up to the idea. Check out the heartwarming video below: More stories: Professional skateboarding star Brian Anderson comes out as gay Here’s the proof that Britney’s male back-up dancers are a gift from God(ney) – PICS