This Morning's Dr Ranj to talk LGBTQ sexual health and wellness with Attitude at Student Pride

The doctor will see you now...


In a world of hook-ups, ghosting and open relationships, how can we preserve our physical, social and mental wellbeing as we liberate our queer sexuality?

In 2018, the National LGBT Survey found only 3% of individuals discussed sexual orientation and gender identity at school, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to sex, there are some common misconceptions that as queer people we all have to navigate.

This weekend, Attitude's Queer Sex Panel at National Student Pride in London to start an open and inclusive conversation about sex which aims to debunk the myths surrounding sexual health.    

Hosted by Attitude Editor ​Cliff Joannou, guest panellists will include This Morning's resident TV doctor Dr Ranj Singh, trans activist and former Attitude Pride Award winner ​Charli Craggs​, ​and the director and founder of London's Vagina Museum, Florence Schechter​.

Through personal story telling and honest debate, the panel will address some of the common misconceptions held by the LGBT+ community during the event at University of Westminster's Marylebone Campus, which is free to attend (you can get your ticket here).

We'll also be taking a holistic approach to sexual health, considering the physical and mental wellbeing elements which form the  cornerstone of healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Plus, in association with sexual health 56 Dean Street, free sexual health screening tests will be available on site during the afternoon.

The Attitude Queer Sex Panel is on the main stage of National Student Pride in London on 22 February.

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