This James Bond / Jason Bourne romance supercut is to die for

Well somebody's been reading our fan fiction. The canny team at Funny or Die have edited together footage from the respective 007 and Bourne Identity franchises to create a trailer for a fictional film pairing the two super-spies up together. Bond And we do mean pairing up - the resulting trailer is full of lingering looks, romantic music, shirtless shots, and breathy, meaningful dialogue. Basically, it's 50 Shades of Grey reimagined with Daniel Craig and Matt Damon and we are HERE FOR IT. Take a look: We'll happily kick in a tenner if anyone wants to set up a Kickstarter to get this film made for realz. In the meantime, you can read our review of the (decidedly less homoerotic) new Bond film Spectre. More stories: Interview | Gus Kenworthy talks Sochi, first sexual experiences and becoming a gay role model WATCH: Missy Elliott drops music video for comeback single ‘WTF’