This gay dads Valentine's Day ad will give your tear ducts a workout

Greeting card company Hallmark has a launched an online campaign that spreads a message of diversity and love “of all kinds” ahead of Valentine’s Day. Across a series of online video interviews, the #CareEnough campaign profiles several same-sex and heterosexual couples, where each discuss their love for one another before one partner hands over a card with a special message to the other, reports Gay Star News. “Valentine's Day prompts people to care enough to say what's truly in their hearts," said Rob Reeder, Hallmark marketing manager of greetings in a statement. "As demonstrated by this campaign, our Valentine's Day cards help people find the words to express themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way than with a text or post. A Hallmark card gets you started, and then you add your personal message to make it perfectly yours." Reeder added the card company, who also profiled a same-sex couple for Valentine’s Day last year, helped “people emotionally connect, in every life, every day”. "With this campaign, we are highlighting the ‘every life' aspect of our mission, as we share the caring stories of all kinds of couples because love is love." In one video, gay couple Robin and Jason are said to have “found love at first sight”. They speak of living our their dream as gay parents, while talking about life, family and love. “We’ve always wanted a baby, and that was always part of our plan, but as two men it’s a complicated, difficult process,” says Jason in the clip. “When she was born, he got to put her on his chest, and I was just like, ‘wow’. Just seeing them together and connecting, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.” You can watch the video below: You can also watch a video featuring all six couples below: More stories: Neil Milan slams journalist Dan Wootton’s response to George Shelley coming out What’s life really like as a webcam boy?