This couple invited the Obamas to their wedding and got an adorable RSVP

Chelsea Roden and Lisa Hirschpek invited two very special guests to their upcoming wedding, but even when Barack and Michelle Obama can’t make it, they always have the courtesy to RSVP. Chelsea and Lisa were sending off their wedding invitations, and once they realised they had a few left over, they thought, why not invite the President and First Lady of the United States? While filling out her wedding invitations Roden told A Plus she was “feeling super thankful for all the changes in our country that makes our international same-sex marriage even possible”. "When we started dating in 2011, marriage was the last thing on our minds — partially because we were 18 and living in different countries, but also because the idea of same-sex marriage was still so new,” Roden said. The couple sent a handwritten note to President Obama and his wife Michelle thanking them for the support they have felt from the Obama administration, and inviting them to celebrate their big day. While the invite was sent on a whim, however, the pair were shocked to receive a response from the Obamas. Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.53.06 PM The note reads: "Congratulations to you on your wedding day. May this special time be blessed with love, laughter, and happiness. We wish you all the best as you embark on your journey together, and we hope your bond grows stronger with each passing year." The Obamas: classy 'til the end. Are we sure we can't just keep them on for another eight years? More stories: Russia’s Eurovision entry Sergey has a ‘secret porn past’ Watch the first trailer for Mariah arey’s new reality show Mariah’s World