These are the 10 kinkiest cities for gay men, according to new study

Fetish dating app KinkD has revealed where users are most likely to log on


The kinkiest cities for gay men in the US have finally been revealed.

Fetish dating app KinkD has revealed a list of its ten most kinky cities after recording where its users are most likely to log on.

According to the app's study, New York tops the list for kinkiest city for gay men with almost 15,000 users.

Los Angeles follows in second place, having over 7,000 members and Chicago, with 5,247 members, sits at third place. 

Meanwhile, Texas dominates fourth and fifth place with Houston (4,164 members) and Austin (3,216 members). Surprisingly, San Francisco made it to eighth place on the list with only 2,799 members. 

Speaking about the results, KinkD co-founder John Martinuk said: "Dating for gay men can be difficult as LGBTQ people are still discriminated by some in society. The kink lifestyle is also not widely accepted, and it's considered by some to be a sickness." 

"It's not easy being a gay man, let alone a gay man into sex outside of the mainstream. It's important for them to know that there are many like-minded gay men out there for them."

He added: "We hope our top 10 list can help them know that they are not alone."