There are now more gay MPs in the UK than anywhere else in the world

The SNP's business spokeswoman, Hannah Bardell, and Labour’s shadow Welsh Secretary, Nia Griffith, have today (February 21) come out, meaning that the UK now has more out gay and bisexual MPs than anywhere else in the world. Daily Mail Online reports that there were 32 lesbian, gay and bisexual MPs at last year's election, which rose to 33 when Scottish Secretary David Mundell became the first openly out Tory cabinet member last month. The number has now risen to 35 after Bardell and Griffith have come out during a photoshoot celebrating Parliament's growing diversity. "When David Mundell came out, it must have been very difficult for him, but it got me thinking about saying something myself. I felt this was the right moment – I’m very proud to be out and I’m very happy," Bardell told The Independent. Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "very pleased and delighted" following Mundell's coming out, with fellow politicians soon to praise him. More stories: Adorable Arkansas dad turns to internet for advice on how to speak to gay teenage son Gay soldiers’ first kiss as a married couple breaks the internet