The Voice UK's Jordan Gray speaks her transgender bullying hell

We were thrilled to see Jordan Gray, a transgender contestant, participating on this year's 'The Voice UK', and were sad to see her go again. However, last night coach Paloma Faith decided to re-induct her as the wildcard for her team. Just like her ups and downs on the BBC competition, Jordan has also had some troublesome times during her personal life, and has opened up about the mental and physical bullying that she has received since she began transitioning 18 months ago. “I first transitioning to being female about 18 months ago and in the early stages I wasn’t as good at putting on make-up. That made me more of a target," Unreality TV quotes her as saying. In an interview with Daily Star Sunday, Jordan continued: “I had physically abuse a few times. It usually happened on the train. I had people throwing bottles and cups at me. It was horrible. Sometimes it’s not even verbal abuse. But I’ll get inappropriate questions or people staring. I don’t put myself in harm’s way now. I’ve never been a fighter." “It’s one thing for people to talk about you among themselves but it’s another to physically hurt you to get their point across,” she added. Watch Jordan's battle performance with Thomas Llewellyn below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr4MejWd5pY More stories: Gay Irish man subject of two homophobic attacks in same night in Sydney Is an openly gay character about to join the 'Star Wars' cast?