The Vivienne talks her banger of a debut single 'Tonight' - LISTEN

"The Vivienne for Eurovision? Maybe!"


After fronting to TV shows already this year, The Vivienne is continuing her march towards world domination with her debut single 'Tonight' - and talk about a banger.

"I'm really excited about it. It was never something I thought I do, doing a single, or that kind of music", The Vivienne tells Attitude from lockdown, which she's spending at home with her husband David and the pair's pooch.

"When I'm on stage I sing covers so I don't have any opportunity to do my own songs. It's scary but exciting!"

'Tonight' is an '80s-influence electro-pop banger with soaring vocals reminiscent of early Adam Lambert, and The Vivienne admits she wasn't tempted by the comedy route for her musical debut.

"Don't get me wrong, I love Alaska's 'Your Make-up Is Terrible' and stuff like that - they're such iconic songs, so much fun. But I just naturally fell into not doing a song about drag", she explains.

"I don't think it really sounds like a drag queen song, as such. I think it's got a bit of a wider audience, hopefully."

The Liverpudlian queen, who can currently be seen in both The Vivienne Takes Hollywood on BBC Three and Netflix's I Would Like to Watch UK with Drag Race UK sister Baga Chipz, says she jumped at the opportinity to put her vocals down int he studio for the track, which was penned by Stephen McElroy.

"You can never predict what's going to happen after Drag Race, you just take every day as it comes," she says. "Say yes to everything and see what works. I'd love to do the West End, I'd love to do all sorts of stuff. Just do it and have fun."

As one of the most consistent performers on Drag Race UK, it was ironically the girl group challenge that saw The Vivienne come in for a rare bit of criticism from Ru and the judges - but Viv says she's relishing the opportunity to demonstrate her pop prowess.

"Going back to that girl group challenge, it was the dancing that let me down," she recalls, "I think there was never any problem with the singing or the lyrics part, so coming back to go 'Actually, I can do this!' is nice. It's a good feeling."

In the week we should have been celebrating a new Eurovision champion, would The Vivienne ever be tempted to represent the UK at the world's biggest (and campest) singing competition?

"I mean, I wouldn't say no!" she laughs. "The Vivienne for Eurovision? Maybe!"

Watch the lyric video for The Vivienne's 'Tonight' below: