The Vatican recognises LGBT as bishops urge the Catholic church to be more inclusive

Previously, the church uses phrases such as 'persons with homosexual tendencies'


For the first time ever, the Vatican has recognised “LGBT” as bishops admitted the Catholic church needs to be more inclusive.

In a document published this week, senior church figures said “LGBT youth” want to “benefit from greater closeness” with the church, the Daily Telegraph reported.

This marks the first time ever that the Vatican has used this terminology after previously using language including “persons with homosexual tendencies” or just “homosexuals”.

Pope Francis also has used the word “gay” at a number of press conferences and interviews.

During a press conference Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri told reporters that the term was included because it has been used by young people and the church was following suit.

He said: “We are open. We don’t want to be closed in on ourselves.

“The Synod’s primary aim is to make the whole church aware of her important and not at all optional task of accompanying every young person, without exclusion, towards the joy of love.”

In the “Instrumentum laboris” document which was published in Italian read: “It was a sign that the young welcomed with gratitude, because it showed the face of a hospitable and inclusive church able to recognise the wealth and contribution that can come from each for the good of all.”