The Shaving Subscription Every Man Needs

PROMOTIONAL Lubrication strips, pivoting heads and vibrating handles. As exciting as it all sounds and despite all the technological advancements it can often feel like each razor performs no different from the one before it and lasts far too few shaves. As if that’s not enough, most men don’t look forward to shaving off another day’s stubble, they do it for work or because they like the chiselled look of a smooth complexion. Why can’t shaving be more enjoyable? Enter The Personal Barber, the latest subscription box for men that acts as your one-stop shop of quality shaving-related grooming gear delivered to you. Sign up to discover a better way of shaving and never again worry about running out of blades or foam at the last minute. How is it different? More than just a restock of blades sent in the post, this is the proper shaving experience in a box. Designed to get you enjoying your morning routine by introducing you to the satisfaction of using a single blade. This isn’t a Sweeney Todd style cutthroat, we’re talking a sophisticated metal safety razor like your granddad used paired with a silky-soft shaving brush for whipping your lather into shape. If you’ve ever been intrigued at the prospect of getting a professional shave but didn’t fancy the hefty price tag or open blade held to your throat, this is the next best thing. It’s surprisingly easy to use. The blade is guarded to protect your vitals and the provided instructions will have you mastering your technique in no time. Example boxes from the personal barber subscription for men (1) Each month includes a variety of products that rotate as the subscription progresses such as natural creams, soothing balms, moisturisers and more so you have every aspect of the routine covered for a luxurious shave every day. No two boxes are the same as The Personal Barber hopes to show off the crème de la crème of the wet shaving world from the independent small batch artisans to the big names on the high street. And it’s incredible value for money. You won’t be opening up a little box of samples, you get full size products and enough blades for a shave every day without needing to stretch any past their comfort zone. The subscription is priced at £24.95 a month and even includes their own branded traditional razor and brush free in your first box. There’s absolutely no obligation to stick around either, subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from your account page. Try it today and use code Attitude15 to get 15% off your first delivery. Learn more here.