The Comeback returning for season 3, says Lisa Kudrow

The Comeback looks set to return for a third season. The show returned to screens last year almost a decade after it was cancelled by US cable network HBO, following its critically acclaimed first season. The original series followed Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow), a faded actress, as she starred in an ill-advised reality show in a bid to revive her flagging career. Comeback In a new interview, Kudrow has revealed that although fans may have to wait longer than expected, HBO have given them the go ahead for a third season. "We're talking about what comes next, but we're not in a rush," she told Blackbook. "At first I didn't talk to Michael about it, out of panic, but we were done in December and I thought, 'Oh god, that means we have to start up again next month. I don't know if I can, it's too soon, I'm too tired'. "And then we talked about it, and said, 'we don't have to, we can wait a year and a half'. Then HBO said, 'yeah, whenever, whenever you have it, let us know'. It's wonderful, we've got to get moving now and hopefully it will be good enough." Meanwhile, the former Friends actress recently claimed that gay men are "biologically superior" to straight men - find out more here. More stories: James Franco: 'Not every gay-themed film needs to be like Brokeback Mountain' Happy Birthday Channing Tatum! His hottest ever moments…(NSFW)