The C**k Destroyers interview: ‘Doors might open for us, but we’ll only go through ones we’re accepted in’

As Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson launch their first non-explicit reality series, Slag Wars, don’t expect the internet’s most sexually-liberated stars to start toning it down.


Words: Will Stroude

In just two short years, Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson aka the Cock Destroyers have gone from renowned porn stars to internet sensations to bona fide gay icons.

When their unapologetically outrageous videos began amassing hundreds of thousands of views back in 2018, it would have been easy to assume their viral fame might be a mere flash-in-the-pan, but since then the pair have firmly lodged themselves in the hearts of gay men - and bascially everyone else - with their inimitabe brand of hyper-sexual celebration and commitment to spreading joy as thick as their trademark red lippy.

After balancing their busy porn careers with championing mental health, creating music - big up 'Driving for D**k' - and even fronting sex education videos for Netflix, the Cock Destroyers are adding another notch to their entertainment bedpost with the launch of their first non-explicit reality series, Slag Wars: The Next Destoyer.

Set to begin streaming on Men.com from Thursday 27 November, the series sees judges Sophie and Rebecca joined by former Attitude cover star Matthew Camp as they pit seven up-and-coming LBGTQ adult stars against each other in a series of challenges designed to find the world's next online sex symbol.

Ahead of the premiere, we caught up with the Cock Destroyers and - in possibly our most expletive-filled interview ever - found out what the ladies have been up to in lockdown, their mission to finally make an in-person appearance on Drag Race, and why their bond with the queer community runs deeper than just a shared interest in "f**king ruin[ing] men's d**ks"...

Our interview had to be pushed back after lockdown was announced while you prepared for lockdown, so I have to ask, what does ‘the Cock Destroyers getting ready for lockdown’ look like?

Rebecca: We managed to shoot our last scene and that was it! Every girl we know was out f**king and finishing jobs, weren’t they? [Starts gyrating hips] ‘Get ‘em all in before Thursday!’ It was quite funny in that respect. I still see clients, and Sophie was like ‘where are you?’ and I sent her a video saying ‘I’m in a hotel – [my colleague] is in a wedding dress and I’m in a latex corset!’

Sophie: That’s what it was like for me! It was literally a day of getting clients in, taking their temperatures at the door! [cackles]

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You’ve managed to shoot Slag Wars among all the difficulties this year has brought – how did you manage it?

S: It’s been a difficult time for a lot of people, including us, so that’s how Slag Wars came about: we wanted to give people – especially the queer community – something that lifted everyone’s spirits. It was challenging, but we did it.

R: Everyone was brilliant; they took quarantine really seriously. There were strict instructions about quarantining for two weeks and wearing masks. The [Covid] testing clinic was not what I was expecting - the guy was a right old pervert, weren’t he, Soph?!

S: [squeals and claps hands together] Yes!

R: It was so funny, he was so outrageous. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wrong what he did, but us lot, we’d eat him for breakfast. He was like [mimes swabbing action], ‘Oh, you don’t gag, do you…’ And we’re just there like [groans]. But when we were on set it was very exciting: We crammed so much in, we have a song for Slag Wars which we recorded. The first song we had-

S: -it was awful!

R: We were like, ‘what are we going to do?!’ But the [new] song is an absolute winner.

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What can viewers expect from the series?

R: Well we have guest judges – we’re allowed to say because Sophie gave them away in one of our interviews! They’re all good friends of ours: we’ve got Sam Morris, Baga Chipz, Alexis Stone, Chris Crocker. We have all the things that are involved in sex work, so a challenge about coming up with content, Alexis Stone on looking good, Sam Morris on photography… We have a lavish latex party every evening, so there’s lots of dressing up and lots of fun. And there’s some ‘reality’ sides to it behind the challenges. It’s a little bit of fun but there’s seriousness to it: I think people will be surprised about what we bring to the table.

What were you looking for in the contestants you brought together for it?

S: Everybody was so different, so totally amazing and creative. I think Slag Wars is a real empowerment – not only to people in the sex industry but everywhere, in the queer community, in the modelling industry. Everyone came together and you saw their strengths, their weaknesses, but we empowered each other, and I really think that’s what Slag Wars is all about: it’s about finding the Cock Destroyer in you and feeling empowered sexually.

R: We do like to be inclusive so it wasn’t very hard to pick the amazing characters we have, but we didn’t have any check boxes. We just knew who would be good for the show. I think there’s a representative for everybody in the queer community for someone to relate to in some way. It’s human nature to judge someone on their appearance straight away, and I think people are going to grow with contestants and be like ‘wow’, and realise they have that in them to judge people on the way they look. I think people can judge people too quickly - especially in our industry, based on our job - and then realise ‘actually, I’ve got this person very wrong’. It’s a super feel-good show.

You’re on a mission to find the next Cock Destroyer – what exactly makes someone a ‘Cock Destroyer’?

R: Someone summed it up in an article and she said it was ‘Being who you want to be without fear of outside judgement’ – and that was it in a nutshell for me. It’s someone who’s willing to give life a go within their own set of boundaries. It’s about owning your sexuality. And you can’t deny Sophie and I are very good at sex!

How would you describe your judging styles?

R: I can’t even IMAGINE who I would compare myself to because I have several different personalities!

S: That is so true!

R: I can be extremely nice or I can be extremely horrible - OK firm, I can be firm! I can be quite tough, but Sophie is very gentle and I love those elements of Sophie. Sophie’s excellent at guidance and love, and I think the two skill-sets together as a Cock destroyer judging team is quite unique. You can’t compare it to anyone.

S: We are very different in our judging styles but I think it really works. We’re very positive with it. It was very difficult for me to let people down. Rebecca’s like ‘come on Soph, we have to let someone go or we won’t have a show!’ [laughs] I did struggle with it.

We know who’s good cop and bad cop then…

R: Oh I am MORE than happy to be bad cop.

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It seems more and more people are turning to online sex work and sites like OnlyFans – what would your advice be to someone considering getting into it?

S: It doesn’t come overnight. The money doesn’t start rolling in overnight. You have to work at it: it’s every day. You have to treat your house as an office - I’ve got a little garage I go in and shoot in. You have to be on the messages and in contact with your fans. It can’t be ‘Oh I’m going to put a picture up and make loads of money’, it just doesn’t work like that: you have to be ‘on’ and you have to be motivated.

R: In terms of tips it would be get yourself a good camera, nothing major. [Picks up phone] I do everything on this – get a stand, decent lighting. If you’ve got no money, you must have a phone. Start off small and keep re-investing. It’s just like any business, you have to put your money back into the business. Take photos and believe you’re a superstar – fake it ‘til you make it!

S: That’s so true. And that’s our brand as the Cock Destroyers too: you’re not feeling that confident in yourself, totally fake it! If I’m not feeling great, I put on ‘Sophie Sl*t’ and it totally changes you. Once you’re in d**k mode, it makes you feel good.

R: The secret is if you’re getting into it and you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Some people are desperate for money, but once it’s on the internet, it can go anywhere. You need to know the risks as well. It can all end up on PornHub.

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The gay community has really fallen in love with you both over the last couple of years, but as two female porn stars often doing straight porn, that’s not necessarily something that would have seemed obvious. Why do you think the community has bonded with you on a deeper level?

S: Well I see the community as family. I’ve kind of been welcomed and it’s somewhere you don’t feel judged. We’re two women but we’ve been welcomed in.

R: You can’t forget the fact that Sophie and I are massive f**king sl*ts.

S: [cackles]

R: We love c**k, we’re relentless gang-bangers. Literally, we f**king ruin men’s d**ks. And we are out there about that. We’re very proud of it. And I think every gay man can relate to that. Gay men love sexual, strong women. Every Halloween people dress up as us, and they love being sexual. We represent being ‘out there’, being outrageous and sexual, and where gay men and women come from a place of repression as youngsters, we’re perhaps a representation of saying [flips the middle finger on both hands] ‘You know what, f**k THAT!’ That is what being a Cock Destroyer represents.

S: We do love the d**k. We love it. [Makes obscene gesture with both hands]

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Of course, you know you’ve made it when you’ve been impersonated or referenced on two international editions of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Did you manage to catch them?

R: Erm, yeah?!

S: Oh my God, they were amazing, yes!

R: We’ve got our toe in the door. Listen, I am determined to get us on Drag Race. I even managed to go the WOW [Presents Plus] offices in LA before this all kicked off. It’s great to be recognised on there, innit babe?

S: Oh, I love it.

R: We love Drag Race. Trixie and Katya often share our stuff; they’re amazing and very supportive. Canada’s Drag Race, I was obsessed with that this year and we’ve made friends online with loads of the girls.

Of course, with many people not hooking up in lockdown or separated from their partners, it can be hard to maintain a normal sex life right now. What is the Cock Destroyers’ advice for ensuring some healthy sexual expression during lockdown?

S: I just watch loads of porn to be honest with you. Loads of it.

R: I would strongly advise indulging in masturbation. I’m going through this – I’m really experimenting with sex toys. And I could never really get into the FaceTime stuff but now I’m actually really enjoying it. You know, you do have to be safe. Look, if Sophie and I are not hooking up, no other f**king arse is!

S: [screams] Yeah, for goodness sake!

R: If the Cock Destroyers can go without c**k, everyone else should!

S: [screaming, louder]: Yeah, all of you!

R: But when we do get back out there…

S: Oh God, just wait… Watch out!

What does the future look like for the Cock Destroyers in a post-pandemic world?

R: We’ve got lots of things in the pipeline. We’re working on a book, we’re going to working on loads of projects - it’s just going to be continuing doing what we’re doing, but with a bigger budget and better latex! I love [porn] so much. There’s been certain mainstream opportunities that we’ve had, and we’ve been like ‘Nuh-uh, we’re not losing the porn’. That’s our absolute passion and bread and butter. Some girls I’ve seen take down all their porn and be really shamed by their history, but that will never happen to me.

S: That’s the thing: we’re not ashamed of being sex workers, we’re not ashamed of being in the porn industry. If there are any projects we do where they say ‘Well you’ve got to change this because it’s shameful’, then no, that’s it. The Cock Destroyers are sex positivity: Doors might open, but we’ll only go through ones we’re accepted in.

Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer will be available to stream on Men.com from 27 November.