The best dressed athletes today

These are the world's most stylish sports stars right now.


Professional athletes around the world live exciting and luxurious lives. They get paid millions to play the sports they love and with all of this extra income, they're known to spend on lavish items.

From exotic sports cars to mansions in foreign countries, these celebrities don’t hold back. Many athletes are also known for having flamboyant style, often the result of spending thousands on designer outfits and hiring style coaches.

Here are some of the best-dressed athletes in the world with wardrobes we're quite envious of.

Russell Westbrook

The NBA is filled with players that demonstrate unique style and flair. From their cars to their homes and of course their clothes, NBA players have a unique way of standing out.

Among these pro ballers, Russell Westbrook is one that everyone thinks of when it comes to a unique sense of style. From GQ to Sports Illustrated to Esquire magazine, everyone has taken notice of Westbrook and complimented his well-crafted outfits.

The Westbrook look he's known for ranges from casual and cool, with distressed t-shirts and designer jeans, to a fearless and sharp look that is both unique and business-friendly. Recently, Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets and now plays with the equally talented James Harden.

This all-star duo is absolutely sure to make an impact and put the odds in favor of the Houston Rockets in the coming games.

Paige Spiranac

Spiranac is a professional golfer turned social media influencer. With over 2.5 million followers on her Instagram, Spiranac constantly puts together the best outfits to show off on her social media.

She has become a fashion icon for female athletes everywhere, with her light and comfortable style that is perfect for the summer season.

She has worked with several brands and designers and is an ambassador for Philip Stein, the sports and wellness brand, and Descente a ski apparel business. Spiranac was also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimwear.

Cam Newton

If you’ve ever watched an interview with NFL quarterback Cam Newton, you would know his personality is larger than life. It’s only natural that this characteristic would also show in his wardrobe which can be called loud, eye-catching, and daring.

Over the years, Newton has been seen out sporting some absolutely over-the-top outfits to the point that it’s really what he’s become known for. Online communities have become infatuated with the young athlete’s outfits, cataloging the many events when he matched bold and classic suits with wide-brimmed hats.

When he is not in business attire, he prefers casual and alarmingly colorful outfits at times, matching the exotic cars he steps out of. There may be many fashioned focused athletes in the NFL, but Newton truly is over the top.

Cristiano Ronaldo

For many years, David Beckham was the undisputed king of fashion in the soccer world. But since Beckham is retired, we can finally hand the title off to Ronaldo. Across the world, Ronaldo has inspired men’s fashion for years with entire fashion guides centered around copying his trademark style.

He effortlessly balances cool casual with modern business attire. Commonly known for pairing a suit jacket with designer jeans, and being the godfather of the sweater and boots look. His fashion sense has inspired many people across the US and Europe and it’s only natural that he would make an appearance on the list of the best-dressed athletes.