The 1975's Matt Healy says he was abused as a teen for looking like a 'p**fter'

Phrasing, Matthew.


The 1975 frontman Matt Healy has opened up about suffering homophobic abuse in his adolescence - though his choice of language leaves a lot to be desired.

The Manchester-born musician and ally, who is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ causes, revealed that he was targeted as a teen for his perceived sexuality - or, as he put it himself, "looking like a p**fter". Eesh.

Discussing the concept of 'masculinity' with British GQ (via Metro), he said: "Of course, masculinity’s changed, but maybe I’m fortunate or privileged to have not been that interested in it.

"I did get slapped about a bit in Manchester for having long hair and looking like a poofta when I was a teenager, but who didn’t get stuff for being slightly different?"

"It’s like I’ve never been interested in masculinity as an idea because I’ve never been fearful of it."

29-year-old Healy, who identifies as straight but revealed last year he takes an open-minded approach to sexuality, continued: "Maybe it’s the duality of my dad being a working-class welder who graduated into being an actor and a more bohemian character.

"He was a working-class lad. I was witness to the masculinity and that role model in my life, but all his mates were gay and liberal and of colour.

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"I’m lucky to have never really been a witness to that much prejudice."

Despite the wince-inducing use of a slur to describe his experiences, Healy has a proven track record when it comes to publicly supporting the LGBTQ community, including donating to the fund for a London LGBTQ centre last year and encouraging people to support the Russian LGBT Network in their video for The 1975's 2018 single 'Love It If We Made It'.

The band are set to perform at the BRIT Awards 2019 at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday (20 February), where they're up for Best British Album and Best British Group.

Best of luck, boys - but Matthew, as much as we love you, you need to ditch the 'P'-word stat.