Telenovela revolving around gay teen couple makes Mexican TV history

We're shipping Aris and Temo already.


Words: Will Stroude

It's time to start brushing up on your Spanish, because an adorable new telenovela is making Mexican TV history as the country's first to centre around a gay teen couple.

Juntos, el corazón nunca se equivoca (which translates as Together the Heart Is Never Wrong) debuted on Mexican network Televisa on Sunday night (23 June), pulling in 1.6 million viewers, Reuters reports.

The heartwarming series is a spin-off of popular telenovela a Mi marido tiene familia, and revolves around college students Aristoteles, or 'Aris' (Emilio Osorio) and Cuahutemoc, or 'Temo' (Joaquin Bondoni) as they leave their hometown of Oaxaca to start a new life together in Mexico City. 

The characters first made their debut on Mi marido tiene familia in 2017, where their budding romance proved so popular with fans that their own show was green-lit.

Stars Emilio Osario and Joaquin Bondoni, both 16, are fast becoming big teen stars in Latin America, boasting more than 1.3 million Instagram followers between them and sharing plenty of messages celebrating equality with their passionate young fanbase.

The 20-episode first series of Juntos, el corazón nunca se equivoca is airing daily for the next three weeks, and while you might not be able to tune in from the UK, you can keep up with Aris and Temo's exploits on YouTube...