Teenager sneaks gay message into yearbook with an amazing 'Grey's Anatomy' quote

The high school student wanted to hit back at everyone who questioned her


A teenager has gone viral for using an amazing Grey's Anatomy quote to sneak a gay statement into her yearbook.  

Krysta Montoya, a high school senior at Valey High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wanted to make a statement by using a quote from Shonda Rhimes' hospital drama. 

The quote Montoya wanted to use was from character Erica Hahn who says "I am so, so, so gay" in the show. However, the school administration didn't allow her to use the quote, so she found a loophole. 

Instead, Montoya used her yearbook to point to the season, episode and timestamp of the quote, reading: "Grey's Anatomy Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40." 


Many other students were left confused, so Montoya clarified her quote on Twitter. 

Sharing an image of her yearbook photo and quote alongside a screenshot of the Grey's Anatomy quote and timestamp, Montoya wrote: "Just because everyone keeps asking me what my quote is. Here ya go." 

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Montoya revealed why she decided to reference the scene in her yearbook: "I just loved it. I was watching Grey's and I saw it and I took a screenshot, so I kept it in my camera roll ever since." 

Montoya, who has been out since her freshman year, revealed people questioned her sexuality and thought she was going through a phase. 

"I feel like people were like, 'How would you know if you're gay if you haven't even tried dating a boy?' I felt insecure - even at times I doubted if I was a lesbian."

However, her parents and a special teacher at her high school helped her feel more confident about herself and decided to use the yearbook quote to hit back at her haters.  

She explained: "Some people even said I'd be with a boy by senior year. So what better way to prove them wrong by making my senior quote, I'm so, so, so gay?'"