Ted’s Grooming Room opens its doors at London's One New Change

Ted Baker continue their beauty domination by opening another Grooming Room, this time in the prime London spot of One New Change in St Paul’s. The new store takes patriotic inspiration from its surroundings, with mother of pearl details and historic photography paying a nod to the ‘Bow Bells’, the infamous bells of St Mary-le-Bow which was said to christen a true cockney. Since all of Ted’s Grooming Rooms are London-based, it feels natural for them to pay homage to the cockney life and heritage within their new store. This exciting opportunity to keep the frail cockney tradition alive and current was the perfect chance to show respect for the great people of London. What better way to keep the London chaps looking sharp, fresh and dapper than with a modern day barbers keeping their heads trim and tidy. 4 As for the interiors, the Grooming Room boasts a waiting area against exposed brickwork, monochromatic paneling and marble work surfaces accompanied by 9 grooming stations, altogether giving an undeniably electric masculine feel. Whilst, custom made ‘Barbacide’ lights, a vibrant red Belmont colour way and traditional barber poles make sure Ted’s Grooming Rooms achieve the quintessential, old British barbering experience we all know and love. On Attitude’s visit we were instantly greeted by the super friendly and charming Tihan, who with a mixture of expertise and warm humor, achieved hair perfection. We went with 'The Full Ted Service' which includes a top of the range hair cut along with a clean shave and hot towel, the shave really is a must have for all men with beards. Something which is quite new in the men's grooming world is eyebrow threading, not many men's only grooming stations have teh options of eyebrow threading so it was a refreshing change to see this as it really is the most precise way of getting rid of those stray hairs! THE FULL TED SERVICE £48.50 BROW THREADING £12.50   So needless to say with a visit to Ted’s new Grooming Room you too can feel as groomed as a Pearly King. You can book your own appointment  at tedsgroomingroom.com