TAIMI – LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App’s guide to relationships in 2020

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Looking for love is difficult. Looking for love during a worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic? Even more difficult! With the situation seemingly escalating across the globe, it’s no wonder people are turning to technology to connect.

This is where TAIMI – the world’s first LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App comes in. Whether it’s friendship, acquaintance, attraction or love - we all seek an understanding of one-another. However, it is harder than ever to start a relationship amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the very start, TAIMI – the world’s first LGBTQI+ Social Network and Dating App has encouraged its users to follow CDC and WHO instructions on preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

TAIMI believes that just because people cannot date in person, they should still be able to do so in app. This means giving TAIMI’s users a platform to develop a real connection without the need to physically meet up.

For many of us going out to pubs, bars, clubs or social events will be out of question for a long time. To help people amid the crisis, TAIMI has a strong Social Network full of custom groups that users are able to join and create.

One of the most-frequently used features during the outbreak is the news digest where users can post up-to-date info and share stories that pique their interest. Speaking of stories, users can share their own with one another – this means they will continue to interact even in self-isolation.

Here are a few tips from TAIMI on how to start and maintain relationships amid the pandemic.

1) Chat as much as possible

Yes, talk to each other. TAIMI has a great set of icebreakers to start the conversation. Once, you get more comfortable, feel free to keep the dialogue going. This will allow you both to learn about each other and see whether there is chemistry.

2) Keep things exciting

Post stories daily on your activities in self isolation. Share your tips on hand washing, sanitizing, maintaining social distance, and more.

3) Read up on the latest news

Post and share news and other stories in the digest. Keep people’s interest going during the pandemic.

4) Video call

Once you’ve developed a strong chat relationship it’s time to take another step. Video call is a great way to see each other without jeopardizing your safety and health!

5) Join or create groups

Relationships don’t always have to be romantic. You can start great friendships on TAIMI by joining custom groups or even creating them.

6) Add friends

Start talking to lots of interesting people and following their latest updates. Making online friends is a great way to be connected these days.

All the above will keep you busy and entertained during quarantine. Not to mention the fact that TAIMI's users experience communication in a safe and secure environment.

You get all the bells and whistles when it comes to connecting - 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, Fingerprint/Face/PIN recognition, and not to mention several layers of verification.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed our daily lives on hold. However, this may be an opportunity for LGBTQI+ people to connect on a deeper level, create strong friendships and find out more about each other.

TAIMI is inclusive to all users regardless of where they identify on the gender and sexuality spectrum. This gives the users an opportunity to find friends and partners based on their interests. Essentially, the whole experience of being a TAIMI user is about being free.

TAIMI is a global experience where people can connect regardless of their state or country which is so important for all of us these days.

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