Surrey village gives unloved red telephone box a 'RuPaul's Drag Race' makeover

Don't you just love Britain?


With just three days to go until RuPaul's Drag Race UK lands on BBC Three, everyone's understandably getting rather excited about all things RuPaul.

One Surrey village appears to be getting in the spirit more than most however, after villagers decided to give a RuPaul-inspired makeover to an old red telephone box.

Yep, passers-by have been suprised to discover that the unloved old phone box in the small village of Compton has been given a new lease of life with the visage of Ru himself along with some eye-catching accessories.

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Most people have heard of Compton LA but there is another here in leafy Surrey. Our little old phone box is a Great British Icon and of course the great RuPaul is one of America’s greatest Icons so what a good excuse to fuse the two into a installation that everyone can enjoy !!!!! So wishing RuPaul a harty welcome to the UK we are so looking forward to the new Drag Race UK #dragraceuk #dragraceukleak #dragraceukbbc3 #ComptonSurrey #comptonphonebox #rupaulsdragrace #rupaulofficial #michellevisage #zoeballbreakfastshow #zoeballradioshow @rupaulofficial

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With a thatched weave, bauble earrings and stunning gold outfit, the Compton village phone box is serving the strongest lewks of any public landline in the South East of England.

We can hear Ru now: "Red phone box, in this week's maxi-challenge you were dialled-up to a 10, and on the runway you were anything but phone-y. Condragulations m'dear, you're this week's winner..."

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Introducing to you the very first British DragRace UK phone box a Surrey homage to the one and only RuPaul @comptonphonebox #dragraceuk #dragraceukleak #dragraceukbbc3 #rupaulsdragrace #ComptonSurrey #rupaul #visitsurrey @rupaulofficial @michellevisage @thegrahamnortonshowofficial #zoeball #zoeballbreakfastshow #zoeballradioshow @dragraceukbbc

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The Compton phone box is quickly become something of a local icon after villagers decided to put the disused public telephone to good use.

She's a certified ally, too: Earlier this summer the phone box was pictured sporting rainbows and an exotic headdress made of ferns as it celebrated LGBTQ Pride and the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.

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Celebrating the Fabulousness of the Gay world, 50 years on from the Stonewall riots we remember the people who have stood up and been counted, that have made a difference and fought for the liberties and rights Gay people have today. The work is ongoing particularly in different parts of the World where so many Gay people are oppressed and even face execution. Many thanks to @paulthomasflowers and @rustbloom for materials used in this confection. #comptonphonebox #comptonsurrey #k6telephoneboxes #pride2019 #surreyhills #surreypride #gayrights #stonewall

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The latest looks are a far-cry last year, when villagers decide to turn the dilapidated phone box into something residents could be proud of.

Posts on the phone ox's official Instagram page explain: "Until last year Compton phone box was unloved, the phone didn’t work and even BT wanted to scrap it.

"Thankfully in May last year one Compton resident decided enough was enough and started his own personal restoration program to return this phone box to a thing of pride for the Village."

Well, guess now all there is to do is to await the Compton phone box's inevitable appearance as a contestant on Drag Race UK season 2...