STYLE: Daniel Jaems Obsession Series, part 11- Orri Helgason

We like to keep up to date with photographer Daniel Jaems and his Obsession Series: when complete, the project is going to form a rather large coffee table book, full of Adonis-like men such as Rob Evans, Thom Evans and Leonardo Corredor. The latest in the series is Versace catwalk model Orri Helgason, from Next Models, who is (aptly) wearing all Versace in his shoot. There are 38 images in total, which you can view at┬ábut for now, we'll give you a taster of the 20-year old Icelandic model below: [wonderplugin_slider id="71"]       [wonderplugin_slider id="72"]         We've posted plenty of Daniel's shoots for Attitude and other projects on - take a look here.