Student punched in face in unprovoked homophobic attack

Sam Duffy was eating in a Wetherspoon in Cricklewood when he was attacked by a man


A student was punched in the face in a homophobic attack.

Sam Duffy, 20, who studies at the University of Westminster, was eating alone in a Wetherspoon pub in Cricklewood in August when he overheard a man and woman making racist and homophobic comments.

Duffy complained to a member of staff but he became the subject to a tirade of abuse by the man who allegedly said that “all gays are nonces” and before punching him, the man said: “Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t punch you”.

The young student – who suffers from anorexia and depression - was left with a swollen eye and reported the incident to the police.

He told the Standard: “The whole incident has left me feeling incredibly vulnerable.

“I now fear to show any signs of my sexuality or take gay friends in or near the pub and surrounding area in fear of further homophobic attacks.

“I have to go past the pub to go to work, and to be honest, I get scared when I go past it. I shouldn’t have to feel scared so close to my own home.”

Police are now treating the assault as a hate crime.