Stephen Fry's husband talks of homophobia on honeymoon


It has emerged that Stephen Fry encountered homophobia, while on honeymoon with new husband Elliott Spencer in Honduras.

Speaking to the Daily Mail at a Terence Higgins Trust dinner in London, Elliott said, "We had a problem when we visited Honduras on holiday. It was homophobia. I don’t want to go into detail, but we had to leave."

Stephen Fry

Although homosexuality is not illegal in Honduras, it is a Catholic country, where same sex marriage is banned, and attitudes are very conservative.

The pair married in January, but waited some time before going on an "adventure" of a honeymoon, which they shared on social media.

Elliott went on to say, "Stephen takes me on his travels and he educates me. Many of the countries Stephen’s been to before, but he likes to see them through new eyes with me. It has been an amazing bonding experience."