Stella McCartney’s Christmas lights get some Ab Fab treatment

Stars of BBC comedy classic Absolutely Fabulous Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley have appeared in character to help switch on the Christmas lights at Stella McCartney’s flagship London store. Ahead of the Ab Fab movie release in 2016, fans of Edina and Patsy were treated to the comedy pair when they visited the Bruton street store last week. ab-fab The pair posed for photographs outside the store, before pressing a button to light up the store windows. “Eat your heart out Matthew Williamson!” yelled Saunders, in character, she and Lumley switched on the Christmas lights. McCartney, who is rumoured to be starring in the Ab Fab film, was joined at the event by a number of other celebrities including Salma Hayek, Lily Cole, Jessica Findlay Brown, Luke Evans and Ronnie Wood, who later kicked on to an after-party. McCartney said she was “a fan of fun at Christmas” and the night was about “having a bit of a laugh,” reports The Telegraph. “You know, we’re in such a sort of chic and overly uptight area of London, and what I like is the kind of disruption that we bring with these tacky Christmas lights,” she said. “It’s about us, the brand, not taking anything too seriously and embracing all things.” McCartney tweeted the event was “an Absolutely Fabulous Christmas lights switch on, literally!” Earlier in the week, Lumley and Saunders also appeared in character to present McCartney with the Brand of The Year Award at the British Fashion Awards, held at the Coliseum. “I am in my spiritual home. Shout out to all my homies,” yelled Saunders to the crowd. “The winner has literally come from nowhere. She's been making bags out of the pubic hair of wheatgrass for years... it's Stella McCartney!”