Star Wars' John Boyega has apparently shot down all those same-sex romance theories

John Boyega has reportedly put paid to any ideas of a romantic chemistry between his character Finn and Oscar Isaacs' dreamy resistance pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. During an appearance on Ellen late last year, Isaacs admitted he was "playing romance" during the his cockpit scenes in the film, in which Boyega's former Stormtrooper was the only other character present. star wars The comments, coupled with the characters' other interactions throughout the movie - which included Poe giving Finn his new name, letting him keep his jacket and sharing an intimate embrace following a climactic sequence - quickly led to online speculation that the iconic franchise could be gearing up for its first ever same-sex romance. However, to the dismay of many a 'Foe' shipper, Boyega has apparently admitted any sexual tension between the characters is "in Oscar's head" only. TV and film journalist Chris Mandle tweeted the sad news yesterday (January 6), writing that Boyega had confirmed to him that any romantic undertones to Finn and Poe's relationship were not canonical to the Star Wars universe. https://twitter.com/chris_mandle/status/684779941322424321 With the franchise's international success in more culturally conservative territories like Russia, Asia and the Middle-East potentially at stake, it remains to be seen whether Disney would risk including an explicit same-sex romance in the movies. One thing's for sure though, fans will be studying Finn and Poe's interactions even more carefully when the next installment in the Star Wars saga hits screens in May 2017. Meanwhile, a gay porn website is helping to deepen the Star Wars cultural canon with the release of a four-part gay porn parody to tie in with the release of The Force Awakens - click here out find out more. More stories: Watch | Sharon Osborne kicks stage invader at People’s Choice Awards 13 reasons we love male model and birthday boy Christian William (NSFW)